The Alternatives to Abortion Program offers services to help women carry their unborn child to term instead of having an abortion. This program also helps support women after making this choice by finding resources to help with caring for a child or by helping women learn more about adoption, if they choose.

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How Does the Adoption Assistance Process Work, and What Are the Eligibility Requirements? 

Congratulations! Adopting a child is a special time in parents’ lives and requires a lot of dedication and love. You likely have many questions about the adoption process and the assistance you may receive through the state of Missouri.  

Have no fear; the Missouri State Adoption Assistance Program offers a variety of benefits to those who adopt children from foster care in Missouri. Continue reading to learn more about this special program and how it can help you realize your dreams of adopting a child.  

What is the Adoption Assistance Program? 

Generally, adoption assistance programs help parents meet their adopted children’s needs, many of which can be expensive. Both federal and state assistance programs are available and depend on the child’s background.  

Who is Eligible for This Program? 

Though this program has helped many children, it is not for everyone. There are certain eligibility requirements to be met for assistance to be provided. The child must have special needs, which are defined as having at least one of the following: 

  1. Five years of age or older 
  2. Minority racial or ethnic parentage  
  3. Member of a sibling group of two or more children placed in the adoptive home at the same time 
  4. A disabling mental, physical, or emotional condition 
  5. A “guarded prognosis” indicating that there may be future problems related to the child’s condition or status at the time of adoptive placement 

Children must also be available for adoption and have been in the custody of the Missouri Children’s Division, the Missouri Division of Youth Services, the Missouri Department of Mental Health, or a licensed, private adoption agency. 

What Services Are Available? 

Children who qualify for the Missouri State Adoption Assistance Program receive a subsidy package, which includes Medicaid, maintenance, and childcare. These payments can begin as soon as the petition to adopt has been filed and can be continued up until the age of 21 for children with extenuating circumstances, such as needing special medical or dental care. The maximum monthly adoption assistance maintenance payments are grouped by age and are as follows: 

  1. 0-5 years: $232 
  2. 6-12 years: $283  
  3. 13+ years: $313 

Specialized maintenance rates may be allowed on an individual basis and include the following: 

  1. Medical rate: $671 
  2. Behavioral rate: $671 

If your child qualifies for this special maintenance rate, you can rest assured that you’ll be provided with the training you need to care for him or her. 

Where Can I Go for More Information? 

If you are considering adopting a child from foster care, or if you have already begun the process but would like to learn more about the help available to you, please visit the North American Council for Adoptable Children’s website.  

The following link provides a wealth of information on the Missouri State Adoption Assistance Program: Missouri State Adoption Assistance Program – The North American Council on Adoptable Children ( Don’t delay in getting the help and information you need!  

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