Healing and Support After Miscarriage

You don’t have to walk through the aftermath of a miscarriage alone. If you were pregnant and taking part in the A2A program prior to your miscarriage, you can find a provider near you by entering your zip code below for the help, healing, and hope you need today.

Miscarriage can be a profoundly challenging experience, both physically and mentally. Some women may not know where to turn or have the resources to seek follow-up medical or mental health care. Know you are not alone.

Whether you need an ultrasound to determine if you need medical intervention for your miscarriage or are struggling with your mental health after a pregnancy loss, resources are available at no cost to help you navigate this process and begin healing. Find the support you need near you.


Find the following services for free in your area.


These scans prioritize your safety by determining if you need medical intervention to physically recover from miscarriage.

Medical Evaluation and Care

Quality medical assessments will ensure your healing and address any complications.

Continued Follow-Up Medical Care

Regular follow-up appointments with caregivers will monitor your recovery and any health issues.

Mental Health Counseling

Find personalized and professional assistance processing the complex feelings that you are wading through.

Miscarriage and Grief Support Groups

Seek healing in a community of women recovering from pregnancy loss.

Education and Information

Take advantage of educational resources so you can learn to prioritize your recovery and healing. Gather information on self-care and coping strategies.

Family Planning Assistance

Consult with providers to determine the best time for you to become pregnant again.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions about the Alternatives to Abortion program, please email DFAS.A2APROGRAMS@dss.mo.gov


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