Finding a Safe Space During and After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings many unique challenges for women. As a mother, you understand how your needs have changed since discovering your pregnancy. Your first priority is to care for your baby and keep him or her safe.

Are you in a dangerous situation with your partner and need a safe place to stay? Are you experiencing homelessness after being removed from your family home or losing your job? If so, you can find assistance at a local maternity home. In addition to offering a safe and loving place to live, maternity homes support women and their babies by providing food, education, and life skills.

Available Services

You are eligible for the Missouri A2A program if you are a pregnant woman who:


– Wants to carry your unborn child to term instead of having an abortion

– Is a United States resident who lives in Missouri

– Makes less than 185% of the federal poverty level based on your latest tax filing


Take the first step towards nurturing your baby by finding a safe and welcoming environment in which to live:


Safe housing is one of the first ways to ensure your baby’s safety. Start by finding a maternity home before birth.

Maternity homes across Missouri ensure women feel supported and cared for in a safe environment during pregnancy and beyond.

Domestic Abuse Protection

Remove yourself from an unsafe living environment and get the support you need. It takes courage to leave. However, you can get help and find freedom.

If you are in an unsafe relationship, contact the domestic violence hotline at 800-799-7233 or text “start” to 88788.

Medical Care

Medical care during and after pregnancy is essential for your current and long-term health. Your baby will also require many appointments in the first year to ensure they are healthy and meeting developmental milestones.

Prioritize your health and the health of your newborn by caring for yourself physically and mentally.

If MoHealthNet, private insurance, and the Department of Mental Health can’t provide the support you need, our network may be able to help.

Job Training

During your stay at your maternity house, you will be offered skills training so you can enter the workforce with a marketable resume.

You can choose a career path and create a plan to accomplish your goals during and after your pregnancy. The extra support a maternity home offers enables you to learn even while you navigate doctor’s appointments and early parenting.

These new skills will help you become financially independent while supporting your baby during your time at the maternity home and after.


Good nutrition is always important, but it is even more essential during pregnancy while your baby develops.

Do not worry about how you will afford your next meal; let a maternity house help. After welcoming your newborn, a maternity home can provide meals to ensure you have what you need to recover and regain your strength.

Material Goods

Did you know babies can go through thousands of diapers in the first year?

Add diapers to Baby clothes, diapers, blankets and formula; you can see that preparing for your baby can be expensive. And having the right supplies in the right quantities is critical to caring for your little one’s needs.

Thankfully, many organizations gather donations of these items to lessen the financial burden. Find a partner organization that can help.

Parenting Skills

Caring for your newborn and parenting does not have to be scary. Develop the skills you need to feel confident in your ability to parent.

Learn how to care for your newborn with classes on everything from feeding and changing your baby, to sleep, tummy time, and speech development.

You will also want to learn skills for when your child becomes a toddler, such as potty training, discipline, nutrition, and communication.

Maternity homes ensure women are supported and prepared for parenting.

Do You Have Questions?

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