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Parenting resources exist to help you as you continue your pregnancy and give life to your baby. Find the support closest to you by entering your zip code below and experience the supportive community you need today.

If you have questions about how you will care for and provide for your child after birth, know that support is available to you. Childcare co-payments and childcare registration fees not covered through our other programs may be available to you. You have the strength to be a fantastic mother, and we want to help you find the skills and the resources to succeed!


You are eligible for the Missouri A2A program if you are a pregnant woman who:


– Wants to carry your unborn child to term instead of having an abortion

– Is a United States resident who lives in Missouri

– Makes less than 185% of the federal poverty level based on your latest tax filing


Search for the services closest to you:

Food, Clothing, and Supplies Related to Pregnancy, Newborn Care, and Parenting

Prepare for the arrival of your little one with the material goods and food assistance you may need. Parenting requires many new items, from diapers and formula to cribs and car seats.

Our program partners can help you learn what and how much you need to be prepared to care for your newborn and beyond.

Parenting Skills

Caring for your newborn can seem overwhelming if you have never been responsible for caring for a baby before.

First-time parents must grow and learn along with their children. At first, you will want to know how to feed your baby, change his or her diapers, and ensure your baby receives the proper care. Then, your parenting skills will need to progress into other topics like potty training, communication skills, and discipline.

Get equipped and Gain the knowledge you need to feel confident in newborn care and parenting.

Job Training and Placement

Forge a secure future for you and your family by developing the skills to pursue employment opportunities.

It might be hard to envision starting a new career or learning new skills right now, but you are capable and can succeed with the right support. 

Many of our program partners are ready to help you become financially stable and independent so that you can parent and provide for your family at the same time.


Whether you live in a rural or urban part of Missouri, transportation is a must for your future success. Discover transportation solutions so you can reliably get to work and medical appointments.

Housing and Utilities

Pregnancy and motherhood are stressful enough without worrying about having a place to stay.

There are a variety of housing and utility support options when you qualify for the Missouri A2A program. Living in a safe home with access to utilities can make a difference in your and your child’s quality of life.

Resources are available to expectant and new mothers.

Establishing and Promoting Responsible Paternity

Find programs that will assist you with legally confirming the paternity of your child.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions about the Alternatives to Abortion program, please email


Alternatives to Abortion Program
3705 Missouri Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Jefferson City, MO 65109

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